Reading Practice Below 171-200

RIT Band

Below 171

171 - 180

181 - 190

191 - 200

Literary Works

Literary Elements



Into the Book 
Study Zone 
Solor System Quizzes 
Lupita Manana 
Reading Strips 
Non-fiction characteristics 
Compare and Contrast 
Compare Versus Contrast 
Find Comparisons 
Reading Labels 
Reading Labels II 
Cause and Effect Detective 
Cause and Effect Matching 
Cause and Effect Words 
What Caused it to Happen? 
What Caused It? 
Making Inferences 
Character Inferences 
Character Inferences II 
Be a Critical Reader 
Main Idea and Details 
Summarize As You Read 
Sum It Up! 
Practice Summarizing 
Who, What, When? 
Learn About Dolphins 
Learn About Elephants 
Author's Purpose 
Identifying Author's Purpose
Practice Author's Purpose 
Practice Author's Purpose II 
Reading for a Purpose 
Author's Viewpoint 
Fact or Opinion 
Solor System Game
Drawing Conclusions 
Thinking About Details 
Finding Answers 
In the Days of King Adobe (RSR) 
Nights of the Pufflings (RSR) 
The Garden of Happiness (RSR) 
Stealing Home (RSR) 
A Very Important Day (RSR) 
Blue Willow (RSR) 
In the Days of King Adobe (TT) 
I Have Heard of Land (TT) 
The Talent Show (TT) 
Sarah, Plain and Tall (TT) 
The Banker's Neighbor (TT) 
Listening and Responding to Poems 
Guess What Comes Next 
Show What You Know 
Author's Theme 
Reading from Graphs

Word Analysis/


Ski Lodge Vacation
Snowman Builder 
Space Station 
Syllable Factory 
Breaking Down Compound Words 
Compound Words 
Spin and Win 
Free Rice 
The Land of the Rocket to the Moon
What's a Root 
What's a Root II 
Spin to Win 
Prefix Mix 
Prefix Quiz 
Suffixes Say A Lot 
Short Circuit 
Fish "Em Up 
Context Clues 
Context Clues II 
Context is Key 
Cows Context Clues 
Words in Context 
Unfamiliar Words 
Word Confusion 
Building Vocabulary with Synonyms 
Synonyms II 
Synonyms III 
Say It Another Way 
Opposite Meaning Words 
Antonym Challenge 
Same Difference 
Synonyms and Antonyms Crosswords 
Word Frog 
Word Works 
Multiple Meaning Words 
Multiple Meaning Words II 
Super Match Game
Tossed Up Talents
Fly Traps! Plants That Bite Back (RSR) 
Officer Buckle and Gloria (TT) 
The Talent Show (TT) 
I Have Heard of Land (TT)