Wheatland Computer/Network Usage Policy

We live in a changing world where we have more and faster access to information than ever before.  Students now can be both consumers and producers of information, and we at WCS strive to be a 21st Century school, taking advantage of the many new technologies and new methods of communication now available to our students.  With access to these new technologies, students will have opportunities to learn and create like never before, but with those opportunities do come new responsibilities.  

This policy covers the use of all technology and computer related machines that are the District’s property both in and out of the school building.


Wheatland J1 School District makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the service it is providing. The District will not be responsible for any damages. This includes loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, mis-deliveries, or service interruptions caused by its own negligence or users' errors or omissions. Wheatland Center School specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through its services. Use of any information obtained via District technology is at the user's risk.

Technology Device – (mini-computer, netbook, handheld phone, IPad, etc.)

WCS students in grades 5-8 will be provided with a technology device for school use.  The technology device is an extremely useful tool that when properly used can truly enhance learning. Though the technology device can be used for many purposes, students must remember that its main purpose is as a learning tool. The technology device is WCS property – they belong to the school.  The school therefore has the right to ask you for your computer back at any time or to search through your computer’s data. Technology device can be used both on and off school property.  We expect that both students and parents will enforce proper behavior and online etiquette while using their technology device.  All technology and behavior policies will be enforced whether the machine is used in school or at home.  

General information about the Technology Device

The WCS technology device will look similar; yours will, however, be labeled so that you can easily recognize it as your own.  Your technology device is your responsibility and no-one else’s; if something happens to it, you will be held accountable.  We strongly recommend that you do not loan your technology device to anyone or allow your friends to use it: you will be held responsible for how your technology device is used, no matter who is using it. All WCS families are asked to pay a minimal insurance fee determined prior to the technology device distribution beginning each school year.

 The following guidelines are to ensure that the WCS technology device program continues and that your computer lasts all four years.  Student will:

  • Keep the technology device in a safe and clean place

  • Agree to not attempt to change hardware setting or non-cosmetic system software settings

  • Notify WCS if I move and change my home residence while the technology device is in my possession

  • Provide WCS with a police report in the event of fire or theft

  • Keep my technology device in a padded backpack

  • Charge my technology device battery daily

  • Keep food and beverages away from my technology device since they may cause damage to the device

  • Use my technology device in ways that are appropriate and educational

  • Not place decorations (such as stickers, markers, etc.) on the District technology device

  • Agree to pay for the replacement of any/all components provided by WCS the event any of these items are lost or stolen

  • I agree to return the District technology device and all components in good working condition.  

**The following guidelines must be respected to ensure fair use for all WCS members.  These guidelines cover all District owned technology devices:


A basic Internet training session may be provided by the Wheatland Center School network administrator or the designee to all potential users, staff, students and community members if needed.  Ongoing training of staff and students will occur as needed.

Data Storage

All of the data you will be working with will be stored in one of these places:  Your technology device’s hard drive and your WCS server.  Many of our students use external storage devices; however they should only be used for temporary storage, not as a permanent storage solution.  

The WCS Server

The server functions like a virtual hard drive; you will be able to store all of your work on your file space on the server and retrieve the files from school whenever you need to.  You will be provided with a password and a username that you will use to gain access to the server.  Please do not share your password or username with anyone else. Trying to log in using anyone else’s password and username is a violation to this and all WCS policies.

By using the server, the safety of your data will be ensured. The storage on the server should be used for educational purposes only.  The following use of the server storage is considered a violation of this policy: personal data such as movies, games, non-school related images, etc.   WCS is not responsible for the loss of any data.  Please be sure to save a copy of important schoolwork to the file server.


Vandalism will result in cancellation of privileges. Vandalism is defined as any malicious attempt to harm or destroy hardware, software, and wiring, as well as the data of another user. This includes, but is not limited to, the uploading or creation of computer viruses.

Communicating with others over the network

The entire school is covered by a high-speed wireless internet network.  All students and staff will be able to access the network from anywhere within the school.  Communicating with others over the network is very much like communicating with people in person: you must be respectful of others at all times, and you can expect them to be respectful of you in return.


You will be able to browse hundreds of thousands of websites, each containing tons of information which can be used in your school projects and personal learning.  Remember that the information you view online is someone else’s work, and that it is essential that you respect copyright laws.  Plagiarism will not be tolerated from any student or staff.


Anyone accessing information via WCS network or using WCS computer software is expected to comply with legal requirements regarding the use, reproduction and distribution of copyrighted works and with applicable provisions of use or license agreements. Only approved software may be installed and downloaded on WCS technology devices. All other software is considered illegal.

Publishing to the Web

WCS wishes to respect the privacy of each individual. Each year the district will request prior approval via media release form for publication.

Gaming and Other Entertainment Media

Please refer to Policy #443.6 Cellular Phone Use and Other Electronic Device Use.


No pornography will be tolerated.  

Chatting at School

Students and staff should be aware that chatting during school hours and school sponsored events is prohibited unless it is part of an educational program/lesson and supervised by teachers or staff.  Students and staff who do not use the district’s technology properly will be subject to Wheatland Center School’s disciplinary procedures.  

File Sharing and Downloading

The WCS network does not support file sharing for non-educational purposes; no personal file sharing is allowed while connected to the WCS network unless directly related to an educational purpose.

Other Network Restrictions

  • Hacking is prohibited.

  • Responsible use of passwords is a must.  NEVER share your passwords or log on as someone else.

  • NEVER attempt to access another person’s work, folders or files without proper permission.

Technology in the Classroom

Students are expected to close and/or put away technology devices when asked.  Students who do not comply will be subject to Wheatland Center School’s disciplinary procedures.  


The harassment or bullying of other students is prohibited and will not be tolerated. Any form of harassment over the Internet (known as cyberbullying) - whether during or after school hours, on or off campus - which creates a climate of fear, causes substantial disruption to the educational process, impedes the daily operations of the school, or impinges on the rights of other students to a safe school environment will be viewed as a violation of this policy.

 Cyberbullying is defined here as the use of information and communication technologies - such as cell phones, computers, websites, and e-mail - to support deliberate, hostile behavior intended to frighten, intimidate, mock, insult, or harm others. Because cyberbullying can happen anywhere and has far-reaching effects, this district has adopted this policy to address the abuse of electronic communication technologies whenever and wherever it occurs.  Students and staff are required to report any incidents of cyberbullying to the Administration, which shall conduct an investigation. Any violation of this policy may result in loss of technology privileges, detention, suspension, expulsion, or other disciplinary action as determined by School Board policy, Discipline handbook and/or possible prosecution through the judicial system.


The District has internet filters and security to help prevent harmful pages from getting through, but no filter is perfect.  We TRUST that you will make the right choices with whom you interact with and where you go online.  We TRUST that you will avoid potentially dangerous and harmful situations online and report any of these types of situations to a teacher, staff member or the Administration.  Technology is a great resource; however you are responsible for making good decisions and keeping yourself safe while on the internet.  Wheatland Center School will help you learn the proper ways to use technology for learning and enjoyment.