Why Wheatland?

In the last 5 years, well over 100 students and families have chosen Wheatland as a destination district. The Wheatland School District provides a safe, welcoming learning environment for students, parents, and community members. We offer a well-balanced rigorous and relevant blend of academics, the arts, and exploratories. We were the first K-8 school district in Wisconsin to offer the Gateway to Technology program, a rigorous science, technology, and engineering program and have adopted the design process as a central focus for exploration.

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We are proud of the progressive initiatives we have implemented to better prepare our students for the future. Students are provided individual laptops to create content and enhance their overall technology skills. Wheatland students interact with technology as part of their daily experience and have technology integration classes starting in 4K. Whether working with robots, 3D printers, smart boards, electrical circuitry or the many other individual devices Wheatland students have access to, it is clear that while learning is the focus, technology is the vehicle.

Wheatland is also recognized in the state for our student outcomes. We are the only K-8 school in the area that has a section of Geometry taught on site. More than 50% of 8th grade students have high school math credit before ever leaving our campus. On the last state assessment Wheatland students scored 15% higher than the state in reading, and 18% higher in math. Wheatland has either significantly exceeded or exceeded expectations on the District Report Card for the last several years. After school students can take part in many different opportunities from no cut athletics, to a myriad of exciting clubs and contests supported by the school. No matter the student's interest, Wheatland has an activity in which they can thrive.

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The true measure of a school is how the students and parents feel about it. In a recent survey 100% of open enrollment parents felt they had made the right choice. When you walk through the doors at Wheatland, the culture of going above and beyond to personalize instruction for each student is evident. We make sure all students know that there are many caring adults that will share in the learning journey with them.

If you are considering Wheatland please call to schedule a tour with our principal, Mr. Drew Halbesma, or our District Administrator, Mr. Marty McGinley. They would love to meet with you and discuss what makes Wheatland such a truly special place. Please call 262-537-2216 for an appointment.