Co-Teaching is:

  • Two or more professionals working together

  • Conducted in the same classroom

  • Heterogeneous groups

  • Both teachers plan and deliver instruction, each one bringing a different expertise that is valued by the other

  • Both teachers agree on how to assess and evaluate student progress

  • Both teachers conduct the assessments and grade student work

  • Both teacherts reflect and use data, offering feedback and a willingness to make the necessary changes

Co-Teaching is NOT:

  • One teacher teaching, while the other assists or acts as an aide

  • Pulling a few students out of the classroom on a regular basis

  • Constantly pulling students with IEPs to the back of the classroom

  • One teacher planning lessons while the other walks in each day wondering what to do

  • One teacher grading all the work

  • Taking turns teaching so the other teacher can get other work done (copying, phone calls, etc.)