Early Childhood Program

Wheatland School offers early childhood special education services for students age 3-5 with an emphasis on a range of preschool options with least restrictive settings. What this means is that our team always considers the individual child’s needs along a continuum of placement options, evaluating the least restrictive options first, such as the child’s natural setting. We collaborate with families, daycare providers, preschool programs, and Westosha Headstart in order to provide young children with disabilities access and opportunities to engage with their peers while also receiving early intervention and services. Within our school building, we provide inclusive early childhood programming options through a co-taught 3 and 4 year old class and partner with Kids Club. We work collaboratively with the family to determine the appropriate placement for each individual child. 

If you have questions about the Early Childhood Program, please contact Stacey Biehn at 262-537-3972 or stacey.biehn@wcspk8.org.

 Resources for Families:

 Community Alliances:

Milestone Tracker Mobile App:
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently announced its free new app, the Milestone Tracker, which allows users to track their child's development in a fun and easy way. This mobile app is a recent addition to CDC's popular suite of free, family friendly materials available through the Learn the SignsAct Early. program. The Milestone Tracker gives parents

  1. tips to help their child learn and grow;

  2. a way to track milestones and recognize delays;

  3. and the ability to share this information with their child's healthcare provider.

Specifically, the app offers the following:

  • Interactive milestone checklists for children ages 2 months through 5 years, illustrated with photos and videos

  • Tips and activities to help children learn and grow

  • Information on when to act early and talk with a doctor about developmental delays

  • A personalized milestone summary that can be easily shared with doctors and other care providers

  • Reminders for appointments and developmental screenings