Math Practice 201 and Above

RIT Band

201 - 210

211 - 220

221 - 230

231 - 240

Above 240


Number Sense

Grid for Numbers (Next to select the highest number: choose 999,999) 
Number Vocabulary (choose large numbers) 
Place Value Playoff 
Reading and Writing Numbers 
Ring Toss 
Round to the Nearest Thousand 
Rounding Flashcards (next to Max Value: choose 10,000) 
Rounding Whole Numbers 
Who Wants to be a Place Value Master? 
The Award Ceremony (choose order whole numbers up to 10,000) 
The Award Ceremony (choose order whole numbers up to 100,000) 
The Award Ceremony (choose whole numbers up to 1,000,000) 
Comparing and Ordering Numbers 
Comparing and Ordering Numbers 
Zero and Ones (choose level B or C) 
Circle 99 
Deep Sea Duel 
Equal Expressions 
Five by Four Subtraction 
Number Puzzles 
Pan-diagonal Magic Squares 
Power Lines 1 
Power Lines 2 
Power Lines 3 
Speed Grid Addition 3 
Speed Grid Subtraction 3 
Speed Math Addition and Subtraction 
Subtracting Whole Numbers 
Subtracting 6-digit Numbers 
Amoeba Division Game (choose level B or C) 
Around the World in 80Seconds (choose division: harder) 
Cross the Swamp (choose Multiplication and division - 0-50 or 0-100) 
Division Bingo 
Division Machine (choose level 3) 
Dude's Dilemma (choose division, then harder) 
13 Ways of Looking at a Half 
Adding Fractions 
Count the Money 
Laser Beams (choose beginner) 
Rounding Decimals to the Nearest Whole Number 
Comparing and Ordering Whole Numbers 
Comparing Decimals 
Understanding Percents

Rounding to the Nearest Thousand 
Rounding to the Nearest Hundred Thousand 
Rounding Whole Numbers 
Estimation (choose multiply 10's) 
Estimation (divide 10's) 
Estimation (divide 100's) 
Button Beach Challenge 
Circle 99 
Math Squares 
Number Puzzles 
Pan-diagonal Magic Squares 
Power Lines 1 
Power Lines 2 
Power Lines 3 
Subtraction 6-digit Numbers 
Estimating Quotients 
Mayan Math Monster 
Space Shuttle Launch 
Speed Math-Multiply/Divide 
The Factor Game
Factor Tree 
Factor Trees 
Octopus Factors 
Beat the Clock (choose beginner) 
Comparing Fractions 
Decimal Mania 
Decimals Square Speedway 
Diffy (choose fractions) 
Equivalent Fractions 
Fraction Pointer 
Fraction Sorter 
Laser Beams (choose beginner) 
Reading and Writing Decimals 
Rename in Lowest Terms 
Ring of Decimals
Rounding Off 
Rounding Decimals to the Nearest Tenth 
Subtracting Fractions 
Comparing Decimals 
Making Predictions and Solving Problems with Multiple Steps

Data Analysis


Applying Pattern Rules 
Complete the Pattern 
Crossing the Zero 
Mystery Operations 
Peg Puzzles 
Tower of Hanoi 
Writing Pattern Rules 
Relationship Rules for Patterns 
Representing Patterns on a Graph 
Function Machine 
Function Machine 2 
Function Machine 3 
Stop That Creature! 
Number Cruncher
Algebra Quiz (difficulty: whole numbers only; one-step and two-step problems) 
Equation Match 
Late Delivery (choose level 1) 
Pac Algebra 
Target Numbers to 30 
Alginon's Algebraic Explorer 
Guess the Number Plus?
Matho 2 
Mission Algebra Challenge 
Multi/Div Relationships 
Operation Four (choose addition, subtraction then parenthesis) 
Operation Order 
Order of Operations 
Order of Operations 2 
Order of Operations 3 
Order of Operations Quiz (choose addition, subtraction then parenthesis) 
Solving Equations by Adding or Subtracting 
Think of a Number 
Solving Equations with Addition and Subtraction 
Solving One Step Equations with Integers