School Board Information

Public schools are operated under the laws of the State of Wisconsin and the policies established by the Wisconsin Board of Education. This information has been prepared to help you understand how the Board of Trustees of the Wheatland J1 School District conducts business.

The Board is a policy-making body. The policies which it establishes are executed by the administration of the schools. Board members have no authority except when functioning as a member of the board in an official meeting. The Board has final control of local school matters permitted only by the state legislature, by the courts, and by the will of the people as expressed in school district elections. Board decisions are based on a plurality vote of those present.

Regular Board meetings are typically scheduled for the third or fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM. Meetings are in the Community Center room #164. The Board reserves the right to change Board meetings to other days and times whenever it becomes necessary. Occasionally a special meeting or workshop may be called by the Board. In all cases, public notice is made in advance and local news media are notified.

 What are the major responsibilities of the Board?

  • Select and employ a superintendent to manage the School District

  • Adopt such rules, regulations and by-laws as the Board may deem appropriate

  • Levy and collect taxes and issue bonds

  • Prepare, adopt, and file a budget for the succeeding fiscal year and file a report of the disbursement and receipts for the preceding fiscal year

  • Have the District's fiscal account audited at District expense by a Wisconsin certified public accountant

  • Receive bequests and donations or other monies or funds coming legally into its hands in the name of the District

  • Order, canvass the returns, declare results, and issue certificates of elections as required by law

  • Acquire and hold real and personal property in the name of the District

  • Have the legal power and duty to perform other specific duties imposed by the statutes of the State of Wisconsin

Every meeting of the Board shall be open to the public. The Board may, however, adjourn to executive or closed session to discuss personnel matters, land acquisitions, to obtain legal counsel and to discuss litigation, or to discuss cases involving discipline of a public school child.

What is the procedure for addressing the Board?

At regular meetings of the Board, there will be an Open Forum opportunity to address the Board with comments or concerns. Persons who wish to speak during Open Forum should fill out a Citizen's Participation Card at the entrance to the Board Room before the meeting is called to order. Please limit comments to five minutes. The Board will listen attentively to the comments but will not respond to them during Open Forum.

If a speaker needs to address the Board with the name of any WCS personnel, please inform the board so that an executive session can be scheduled on the next Board meeting agenda to hear the concerns.

Public participation is limited only to the Open Forum portions of the meeting. At all other times during the meeting, the audience shall not enter into discussion or debate on matters being considered by the Board.

The Board will not hear complaints about individual school employees or permit discussion of such matters at a Board meeting.

Specific factual information or recitation of existing policy may be furnished in response to inquiries, but the Board may not deliberate, discuss, or make any decision on any subject not on the agenda.

Five trustees serve on the Board. They are elected by registered District voters to rotating three-year terms. Two or three places are filled in annual election on the first Tuesday in April.  Following the annual election, the Board elects a president, vice-president, treasurer, and clerk to serve.    

                 Wheatland J1 School District Board of Education



Christopher Serak
Board President


Heidie Dunn
Board Vice President


Rachael Crane
Board Clerk


Kyle Madsen
Board Member


Erik Zavacke
Board Treasurer