Reading Practice by RIT Range 200 and Above

RIT Band

201 - 210


Above 220

Literary Works

Literary Elements



Into the Book 
Study Zone 
Solor System Quizzes 
Lupita Manana 
Reading Strips 
Practice Multiple Skills 
Practice Multiple Skillss II 
Read and Answer 
Read and Answer II 
Read and Answer III 
Mystery Train 
Mystery Train II
Mystery Train III 
Summarizing Main Idea 
Main Idea and Supporting Details 
Summarizing Story Parts 
Summarize as you Read 
Using Information to Solve Problems 
The Case of the Flying-Saucer People (RSR) 
Evelyn Cisneros:  Prima Ballerina (RSR) 
Flood:  Wrestling with the Mississippi (RSR) 
Old Yeller (RSR) 
Stealing Home (RSR) 
Off and Running (RSR) 
The Fun They Had (RSR) 
Iditarod Dream (RSR) 
The Garden of Happiness (RSR) 
The Marble Champ (RSR) 
Blue Willow (RSR) 
Name this American (RSR) 
Dear Mrs. Parks (RSR) 
Amelia and Eleanor Go For a Ride (RSR) 
The Kid's Invention Book (RSR) 
The Up and Down Fall (RSR) 
In the Days of King Adobe (TT) 
I Have Heard of Land (TT) 
Folk Tales from Asia (TT) 
Black Frontiers (TT) 
Sarah, Plain and Tall (TT) 
Name this American (TT) 
The Gold Rush (TT) 
Stealing Home (TT) 
Be a Critical Reader 
Main Idea and Details 
Summarize As You Read 
Guess What Comes Next 
Compare and Contrast 
Drawing Conclusions 
Making Judgments 
Making Inferences 
Character Inferences 
Character Inferences II 
Character Traits 
Cause and Effect Words 
What Caused it to Happen? 
What Caused It? 
Cause and Effect 
What and Why
Read About Elephants 
Author's Purpose 
Author's Viewpoint

Into the Book 
Reading Strips 
Inference Battleship 
Study Zone 
Practice Multiple Skills 
Practice Multiple Skills II 
ACE Practice Test 
Learning Resources (Choose category, then story and activities are on the lelt) 
Summarizing Story Parts 
Summarizing as You Read 
Main Idea and Supporting Details 
Reading for Thinking 
Recognize Inference 
Contract Reading 
Identify Meaning 
Paraphrasing Topic Sentences 
Guess What Comes Next 
Flood: Wresting with the Mississippi (RSR) 
Old Yeller (RSR) 
The Case of the Shining Blue Planet (RSR) 
Seventh Grade (RSR) 
The Stone Age News (RSR)
My Name is San Ho (RSR) 
A Do It Yourself Project (RSR) 
Out of Darkness:  The Story of Louis Braille (RSR) 
Atlas in the Round (RSR) 
I Want to Be an Astronaut (RSR) 
Dive!  My Adventures in the Deep Frontier (RSR) 
The Marble Champ (RSR) 
Cyber Surfer (RSR) 
Old Yeller (TT) 
Seventh Grade (TT) 
The Stone Age News (TT) 
My Name is San Ho (TT) 
A Do It Yourself Project (TT)
Atlas in the Round (TT) 
Drive! My Adventures in the Deep Frontier (TT) 
Off and Running (TT) 
Author's Purpose
Author's Purpose Practice
Reading For a Purpose 
Purpose and Tone 
Types of Text 
Evaluating Support 
Discovering the Point 
Fact or Opinion?

Word Analysis/


Ski Lodge Vacation
Snowman Builder 
Context Clues 
Context Clues II 
Context is Key 
Cows Context Clues 
Context Clues Fill in the Blanks 
Context to Figure Out Meaning 
Unfamiliar Meaning 
Unfamiliar Words 
Word Confusion 
Words with Multiple Meaning 
Multiple Meaning Words 
Words with Opposite Meaning 
Antonym Challenge 
Antonym Test 
Antonym Test II 
Building Vocabulary with Synonyms 
Synonyms II 
Say It Another Way 
Synonyms and Antonyms Crosswords 
Feed the Bigbot 
Synonyms, Antonyms and Homonyms 
Same Difference 
Greek and Latin Roots 
It's Greek to Me 
Prefix Mix 
Prefix Game 
Suffixes Say A Lot 
Rooting Out Words
What's a Root 
What's a Root II 
Hattie's Birthday Box (RSR) 
Fly Traps!  Plants That Bite Back (RSR) 
Catching the Fire:  Philip Simmons, Blacksmith (RSR) 
Yang the Eldest and His Odd Jobs (RSR) 
Darnell Rock Reporting (RSR) 
Everglades (RSR) 
The Hot and Cold Summer (RSR) 
The Skill of Pericles (RSR) 
Donovan's Word Jar (TT)