1. Will my student device be useful throughout my career at Wheatland?


Yes. While the rapid pace of computer technology guarantees that more advanced units will be available before you graduate, your unit will be powerful enough for your classroom work throughout your career at Wheatland Center. The available software will be usable in upper level as well as entry-level work. Of course, just as upper level courses require different textbooks, you may need additional software as you move through the curriculum.


2. What if I have my own device? Can I bring it to school and use it instead of my district provided device?


No. Wheatland School District provides a device for each student in grade levels covered by the student device program. We ensure that district provided devices are compatible with the myriad of software and online resources that are utilized by instructional staff.


3. Can I keep my student device over the summer?


No. Student devices will be collected at the end of the school year for software updating and general maintenance. Students will be assigned another device at the beginning of the following school year.


4. Does Wheatland provide maintenance on my student device?


Yes. Any breakage that is covered under the manufacturer warranty will be repaired without assessing any fees. Breakage that is not covered under the manufacturer warranty will be handled on a case by case basis. It is our primary goal to keep costs down for out of warranty repairs. Please refer to our Laptop Insurance policy for more detailed information.


5. What should I do if my student device has issues while I'm at school?


At an appropriate time, with instructor permission, go to the student device support office (room 195). Our repair technician will determine if the issue can be corrected in a timely fashion. If it is determined that the issue cannot be repaired immediately, or if the student device support office is closed, go to the library and you will be assigned a spare. Please note that this is an exchange program; you will need to turn your current device in to receive a spare.


6. What if I want to upgrade my student device or repair it myself?


Only authorized Wheatland staff may perform upgrades or repairs to district provided devices. Do not attempt repairs yourself.


7. What has Wheatland done to help prevent students from accessing inappropriate sites?


The IT department maintains filtering software for all devices that use our network to access the internet. This filtering software assures compliance with the Chilren's Internet Protection Act, as defined by the FCC.


8. Are student devices subject to monitoring, and if so what happens if "objectionable content" is found on my device?


Yes. Student devices are the property of Wheatland J1 School District and as such are subject to monitoring. If "objectionable content" is found on your device and you have failed to report it, you will be referred to the Principal or Dean of Students.