The Concept

According to the National Technology Plan, infrastructure is the fourth goal, "All students and educators will have access to a comprehensive infrastructure for learning when and where they need it."

To meet this goal, we recommend the following actions: 

4.1 Ensure that students and educators have adequate broadband access to the Internet and adequate wireless connectivity both inside and outside school.


4.2 Ensure that every student and educator has at least one Internet access device and software and resources for research, communication, multimedia content creation, and collaboration for use in and out of school.

4.3 Leverage open educational resources to promote innovative and creative opportunities for all learners and accelerate the development and adoption of new open technology-based learning tools and courses.

4.4 Build state and local education agency capacity for evolving an infrastructure for learning.

4.5 Support “meaningful use” of educational and information technology in states and districts by establishing definitions, goals, and metrics.


The Plan


To help meet these national goals, Wheatland Center School District has developed a plan to provide all middle school students with a personal device. Students will use their Google Apps for Education (GAFE) accounts for communication, collaboration, and file storage. GAFE allows access to a rich array of tools that are available anywhere the student has acess to the Internet. In addition, open source / free software preinstalled on the device  provides them with video and audio editing, image manipulation, and creative tools.