Math Resources

Most students at Wheatland J1 School District are learning math using one of three innovative programs, Math ExpressionsSingapore Math, and Connected Math. Students may also participate in Pre-Algebra, Algebra, or Geometry via on-site or off-site instruction at Wilmot High School.

Math Expressions Overview:

In grades K-5 we utilize Math Expressions a curriculum found to be highly successful for the primary grades.

In this pragram, your child will learn math and have fun by

• working with objects and making drawings of math situations.

• working with other students and sharing problem-solving strategies with them.

• writing and solving problems and connecting math to daily life.

• helping classmates learn.

Singapore Math Overview (Grade 6-1 section):

Singapore Math is recognized for its ability to build deep understanding of mathematical concepts. Singapore Math uses challenging tests and a solid framework to help build student skills.

Connected Mathematics Overview:

  • CMP students do as well as, or better than, non-CMP students on tests of basic skills, and outperform non-CMP students on tests of problem- solving ability, conceptual understanding, and proportional reasoning.

  • CMP students can use basic skills to solve important mathematical problems and are able to communicate their reasoning and understanding.

  • By the end of grade 8, CMP students show considerable ability to solve non-routine algebra problems and demonstrate a strong understanding of linear functions and a beginning understanding of exponential and quadratic functions.

Your child will have homework almost every day. He or she needs a Homework Helper. The helper may be anyone—you, an older brother or sister (or other family member), a neighbor, or a friend. Make a specific time for homework and provide your child with a quiet place to work (for example, no TV). Encourage your child to talk about what is happening in math class. If your child is having problems with math, please talk to the teacher to see how you might help.

Thank you. You are vital to your child’s learning

Online Resources:

Math Expressions student and parent assistance

Singapore Math This website provides several links to resources designed to assist students taking Singapore Math

Connected Math This website provides several links to suggestions and specific homework help for students.

Kahn Academy This website can provide excellent assitance to students of all math programs. Be sure to check it out!