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Wheatland Staff Members Take Lunch on the Road

Wheatland School District staff have been boarding buses to get food out to families that need it during the COVID-19 Crisis. Lunches were delivered to homes that qualify for the federal lunch program beginning at 11:00 AM on Wednesday March 18th. Lunches were also available via pick up at Wheatland Center School for open enrollment students that qualify. During the first three days approximately 150 lunches were distributed in each of the three days. 
As of March 30th, based on a waiver from the federal government, all Wheatland students will be able to pick up lunch and breakfast for the next day at Wheatland Center School from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The staff will continue to deliver lunches to families that qualify for the federal lunch program throughout the school closure as long as permitted by authorities. 
A group of Wheatland staff members will also be delivering a weeks worth of food for families that request it on Monday the 23rd for the week of spring break. We felt that based on the recommended confinement for the COVID-19 outbreak there would be a need. While students will not likely be traveling anywhere for spring break, the need for our families still persists. This is clearly a difficult problem that none of us could have predicted, however, it is critical to come together as a community and serve those in need. 
Loading the Bus
Cubs lunch loader
Giant cooler
Loaded and ready to go