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Wheatland Mathletes Excel

2020 Wheatland Mathletes


Wheatland students were ready for an extra challenge at the Math Meet that was held at UW-Whitewater on January 14, 2020.  Students in grades fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth competed against thirty-two other math students from eight different schools.  Members of the fifth and sixth grade team were: Bishop Coe, Lilly Lynd, Leo Pisani, Brooklyn Severson, Andrew Gerlach, Cooper Pappadakis, Mitch Hammond, and Grace Snyder.  Members of the seventh and eighth grade team were: Dylan Becker, Sofia Bronson, Elizabeth Nickolette, Jessica Roynon, Jack Brenton, Josh Dorobek, Ian Kerkman, and Zoey Prevett.  Congratulations to these students for their efforts on the individual events and team work throughout the day. 

Three Wheatland students scored in the top 10 within their grade level.  Bishop Coe placed eighth overall in fifth grade. Cooper Pappadakis placed ninth overall in sixth grade.  Josh Dorobek placed third overall in eighth grade. Go Warhawks!

In February Wheatland students participated in the Math 24 Regional Tournaments held at the Kenosha County Center.  Grade level teams from 8 local schools competed this year. Members of the WCS grade level Math 24 teams are as follows:  4th grade - Daniel Fox, Jaxon Morehouse and Nathan Thommen; 5th grade - Cecilia Maggio, Brooklyn Severson and Haven Young; 6th grade - Cole Humphrey, Hunter Jannke and Christian Thommen; and 7th grade - Elizabeth Nickolette, Vanessa Phillips and Jessica Roynon.  All of the Wheatland students that participated did an outstanding job and should be very proud of the extra effort they put forth.

Six Math 24 Regional Tournament trophies were awarded to Wheatland students.  Nathan Thommen placed fifth overall for fourth grade. Christian Thommen placed first overall and Hunter Jannke placed fourth overall for sixth grade.  Seventh graders Vanessa Phillips, Elizabeth Nickolette, and Jessica Roynon placed first, second and third overall. Congratulations Wheatland Mathletes on a job well done!

6th and 7th Grade Math 24 Mathletes 2 Mathletes 3 Mathlete 5 Mathletes 6