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Wheatland Keeps its Promise to Taxpayers

As Wheatland residents anticipate the referendum related facility projects that will begin this fall, their mill rate will increase by .48 cents or less depending on the final equalized aid numbers that are released on October 15th. Despite a projected decrease in state aid of over $200,000,  Wheatland will be able to meet its projected mill rate increase of .48 cents per $1,000 of property value due to increased enrollment, increased property valuation, and excellent fiscal management.

Prior to this year Wheatland J1 School Board has been able to reduce the tax levy for four straight years, even while in an operational referendum cycle.  This year the property valuation for the District increased by 7.4%. There are approximately 543 students at Wheatland for the 2018-19 school year, an increase of nearly 50 students from last year. At the September 26th Annual Meeting the school board approved an overall tax levy of $3,772,544, up from $3,311,5000 last year. The increase takes into account the debt payment for the facilities referendum passed last April.  

“We are so thankful to the Wheatland taxpayers for approving the facilities improvements. The enhanced District facilities will position Wheatland as a leader in the area for years to come and give us flexibility to meet the needs of our learners both now and in the future,” Martin McGinley, District Administrator.