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DPI Mental Health Grant Announced

Wheatland J1 School District Receives Funding for Mental Health Programming

Wheatland families will benefit from a $28,320 grant from the State of Wisconsin to help support school based mental health programming. The grant will be used to add programming and supplement the partnerships Wheatland has developed to provide additional services to students and staff. Wheatland has been partnering with the Lake Geneva Wellness Clinic to offer on-site services for the last 3 years.

Emily Lynd, Wheatland’s Pupil Services Director, has been a staunch advocate for students and families and has been working to partner with local agencies for several years. During this time, we have improved both access to direct mental health services and the level of care provided to students at both the targeted and intensive levels of need.  “The grant funded Wellness Project will allow us to expand upon our relationships with the Lake Geneva Wellness Clinic and help provide more consistent consultation. It will also provide additional professional development for Wheatland employees so that they are better prepared to respond to the increasing mental health needs of our students both individually and as a system. In order to provide a strong foundation for our students we need to ensure that our school-wide practices focus on supporting students social, emotional, and behavioral needs across settings,” Emily Lynd explained.

The Wellness Project is designed to create a system that supports mental health and wellness of students at the universal level with ongoing professional development through a professional learning community framework. In addition to offering ongoing educational opportunities for parents and staff related to mental health and trauma sensitive practices, it will allow Wheatland to improve upon services offered to all students, including a review of our social-emotional curriculum and system of positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS). The goal will be to develop a system that supports the mental health and wellness of students at the universal level, so fewer students are in need of intensive levels of support.  

District Administrator Martin McGinley said, “This was an extremely competitive process and will present an amazing opportunity to continue our commitment to mental health programming for our students. Emily Lynd has cultivated a vision of inclusive practices at Wheatland and is always seeking additional resources to expand opportunities in areas of need. Our students will be better positioned to be successful with the additional programming supported by the School Based Mental Health Program Grant.”