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School Safety Grant

The Wheatland J1 School District was able to secure a school safety grant from the Department of Justice. The school applied for the maximum allowed per school for the advanced portion of the grant. Wheatland will receive $20,000 dollars to pay for a portion of a new camera system that will give the District and law enforcement another tool to keep Wheatland students safe. Wheatland has been at the forefront of this process in the last few years by staging coordinated training with local law enforcement, adapting and updating its crisis plan, and mandating professional development on trauma informed care for staff members. 

In addition, as part of the facilities referendum planning Wheatland will improve safety in several other significant ways. A new entrance, lobby and vestibule will be created as part of a secure entrance. There will be several check points within the office area to ensure only those with business in the school are able to enter. The school will also be lengthening the drop off and pick up lane to help create a safer situation for all at the the beginning and end of the day.