@ Wheatland Center School
Resources on MinecraftEdu
Interactiv Conference, 6/19/2013
Occupations List (project-based learning structure)


a collection of articles and resources


Sixth-grade students play MinecraftEdu after school during Computer Club
Student Resources
an excellent screencasting tool for students
YouTube Playlist for MinecraftEdu at Wheatland
MCEdu 2011-2012  
Several 6th-8th grade students involved with MinecraftEdu during the 2011-2012 school year pose for a photograph.

Parent, Staff, and Community Resources 
Prepared two months after the launch of MinecraftEdu at Wheatland for a school board meeting in late 2011/early 2012
WAMLE Presentation (October 2012)
Seventh-grade students work on a self-designed game-within-a-game in MinecraftEdu.