• Mr. and Mrs. Dahl
    Laura Dahl
    6th/7th Grade ELA 
    MS Learning Resource
    Phone: 262.537.3934 
    Best Time to Contact Via Phone: 10:20-11:00 A.M.
    Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” As I reflect upon my how my philosophy of education has evolved over the course of my career, this statement rings true. My personal experience has guided me to a philosophy that encompasses two main components: Building strong student relationships of mutual respect and high quality instruction and assessment.

    I strive daily to maintain a high level of expectation and respect in my classroom. I have found that students will rise to my expectations and are more motivated to learn when they feel the teacher is invested in their future success. Positive reinforcement is a large component of creating this relationship  with my students. I pride myself on knowing their interests, dislikes, and personalities. It is vital that I help students grow as young adults and support them as they discover their strengths and work towards overcoming their weaknesses.This environment provides for sharing, learning, and creativity. Students are encouraged to work hard, play hard, and think hard. Motivating students is key to success.

    Once a respectful relationship is developed, true learning can occur. My experiences have shown that students need exposure to both explicit and inquiry based instruction. Instruction must also be differentiated according to student instructional level. This can be accomplished through reading, writing, and math workshop. Assessment must also be utilized as a part of instruction. It guides all instruction based decisions and allows teachers to maximize differentiation within the classroom. Students must be given appropriate work to build confidence. Through my strong relationships with students and dedication to quality instruction, I have seen my students grow personally and academically.