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    What's New- August

    Since the successful referendum, the District and its design and construction partners have been busy finalizing plans for the K-8 improvements approved by voters in April 2018. District administration, staff and teachers have participated in listening sessions with Bray Architects to review and share ideas for each area being renovated or added. Core Planning Team (CPT) meetings continue to occur on a bi- weekly basis to discuss needs and how to best phase the construction projects to ensure minimal disruption to our students learning and to keep their safety our top priority. The team also held a kick-off meeting with engineers whom are now fully engaged in the design process.


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    To assist the District and staff with the planning and design of the school’s addition and renovations, the District team joined Bray Architects for building tours.

    STEM Tours May 18

    • Kromrey Middle School
    • Waunakee Intermediate School
    • DeForest Area High School

    Media Center Tours May 22

    • Little Prairie Primary School
    • Mukwonago High School
    • Muskego Lakes Middle School

    These schools are examples of state-of-the-art facilities that feature spaces very similar to those being developed for Wheatland, including STEM classrooms and labs, media centers, and academic classrooms. The District team walked away from these tours with inspiration for the desired spaces at our school and a better understanding of what to consider while planning.

    In addition, the District team and its partners toured several furniture showrooms to begin the furniture selection process for the adapted spaces. The team was able to test out furniture options in order to make the best selection of tables, chairs, desks in order to optimize instruction. 


    Improved Safety and Security

    The District has also been working on site plans and improvements for the safety and security of the building. These include a secure entrance nd vestibule, a new configuration for pick up and drop off of students, and a fully integrated camera system. The camera installation is scheduled to take place in the next month and safety glass will be installed in the next few weeks to the existing main entrance. During the project this entrance will be reconfigured and the new entrance will also include safety glass. 

    Concept Designs of New Spaces

    The architects from Bray have been working to create designs for the new spaces being renovated at Wheatland. Below are some visualizations of the conceptual drawings. These are current spaces in the building that will be remodled to increase flexibilty for teachers and accomodate our project based STEAM currriclum.  

    Middle School Resource Area

    Middle School Resource


    STEAM Space  

    Instructional Media Center

    Media Lab


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    What's New- September

    During their bi-weekly meetings over the last month, the Core Planning Team worked to finalize the design for the classroom addition and STEM renovation at Wheatland Center School. Construction documents were edited throughout this last phase of design development to reflect the most current plans and models. Now complete, the construction documents have been issued, and contractors will have until early October to submit their bids for the projects.

    Additional information on the design process thus far, as well as photos, can be found below.


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    After school building tours and visits to furniture dealer showrooms, the District team and its design partners discussed furniture options for the new spaces. The District has made selections for the tables, chairs, desks, and collaboration furniture that they think will enhance learning opportunities and enrich the student experience. Choices for furniture, upholstery, and other interior design items will be finalized by the end of the month

    .Finishes Finishes

    (Upholstrey selections for furniture are subject to change




    Ahead of construction in other areas of the building, renovations were completed in the school’s band room to prepare for the start of the new school year. The band room received new carpeting, acoustic panels, and paint. The existing risers were removed and replaced with chairs to allow for more flexibility within the space. Storage cabinets for the band instruments have also been ordered, and the space should be complete prior to the holiday break.

    Band room

    Band room before rennovation

    band room

    Band room after rennovation

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    What's New- October

    In early October, the District received bids from several contractors to complete the classroom addition and STEM renovation at Wheatland Center School. Scherrer Construction, based in Burlington, has been chosen as the construction manager for the project. Over the next few weeks, the Core Planning Team will review proposals for other work throughout the school and select subcontractors later this fall.

    Furniture planning will soon progress to the bidding phase. On November 1, the District will send a Request for Proposal to furniture vendors and will receive all submissions by the end of November.

    Additional information on the design process thus far can be found below.


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    The design team has created floor plans (see below) that show the existing areas of Wheatland Center School as well as the spaces that will be renovated and built on the first floor. Classrooms will be updated with new technology, furniture, and finishes to create places for project-based learning and small group instruction. Renovations also include safety and security improvements to the main entrance and administrative offices.

    Building Layout




    Construction will begin for the two classroom addition and STEM renovation in early November. Site work for the addition will include excavation for the foundations, pouring footings, and establishing the foundation walls. Over the next month, renovations for the future STEM lab and maker space will include demolition followed by framing installation for new interior walls.

    Additional Classrooms

    STEM Upgrade