Thomas Hartley
    Technology Directory/ Computer Teacher (4-8)
    Ext. 3928

    Welcome! I'm Mr. Hartley and I teach 4th grade through eighth grade technology education at Wheatland Center School in Burlington, Wisconsin. I majored in education and psychology at Beloit College (Beloit, Wisconsin). In 2011, I founded an after-school computer club that continues to meet today.      

    I love technology and believe it is transforming the way that students learn. I am proud to be part of the change. I firmly believe in engaging students and meeting learning objectives through the use of interactive technology, web tools, iPads, and educational games. We utilize a free and open source operating system to provide countless online and offline resources for learning. The creativity of our students is astounding, and I try to help students become better technology users as well as better people.

      -Mr. Hartley                          
    Photograph by Juanito A.
    Photo taken by Juanito, 4K student

    Kalyn Coose

    image designed and created by Kalyn Coose, eighth-grade student