• Physical Education Policies & Procedures


    Teacher Information:

    Mr. Bill Lois & Mr Ryan Dahl

    Email: bill.lois@wcspk8.org


    Phone Number: 537-2216 Ext 3942 (7:45 – 3:45)

                                                 537-2216 Ext 3906 (7:45-3:45) 


    I.          Introduction:  Welcome to physical education class. We will be doing several different units throughout the year. The units will vary between team and individual activities. The focus will be on skill development at the younger grades  (5 & 6) and more life activities in the older grades (7 & 8). The main focus in each unit is on being active and getting an aerobic workout.


    II.         Behavior Guidelines: The only guideline that I use in my class is RESPECT. This encompasses everything that needs to be covereded. In addition to RESPECT, the SOAR philosophy will be used as well.


    III.       Daily Class Materials: All students are responsible for bringing their gym clothes and shoes to class.


    IV.    Grading & Assessment:

    Daily Grade = 60%


    Students have the opportunity to earn up to 10 points each day. The student’s daily grade is broken down into three different categories: 1) Interpersonal Skills 2) Intrapersonal Skills and 3) Effort. The Daily grade will come from 1. Teacher driven, Student driven, or Pedometer scale.


    A. Interpersonal Skills (3 Points) (Respect & Cooperation Area)

    1.      Cooperation – Negotiating and solving disagreements

    2.      Initiative/Creative – Inspiring and guiding individuals and groups

    3.      Communication skills with classmates – listening openly and sending convincing messages


    B. Intrapersonal Skills (3 Points) (Cooperation & Safety Area)

                1.  Aware of their emotions – Knowing one’s strength and limits. Recognizing                       one’s emotions and their effect.

                2. Control of their emotions – Keeping disruptive emotions and impulses in check.

                3. Motivated by their emotions – Striving to improve or meet a standard of excellence.

    4.   Empathy for their classmates – Sensing other feelings and perspectives.
    5. Following safety procedures - understanding the keys to safety in each unit.


    C. Effort (4 Points) (Personal Best Area)

                Students will receive 3 points daily for completing the lesson with satisfactory results. Personal Best is a major component of the effort portion.


    Tests = 20%

                Knowledge can be measured by tests, quizzes, etc.


    Homework = 10%

                Knowledge can be measured by worksheets, assignments, and projects.


    Skill Testing = 10%

                Teacher observation or skill testing can measure skills.


    -Life Skills Grade


    4 – Always (without exception)

    3 – Almost Always (with few exceptions)

    2 – Sometimes

    1 – Rarely


    1. Productivity and Accountability

              -Student completes assigned tasks and meets deadlines.

              -Student demonstrates self-initiative, stays on task, and manages work time wisely.

              -Student listens effectively to others.

              -Student assumes shared responsibility for collaborative work and values the individual contributions made by each team member.

              -Student accurately fills out student planner.

    2. SOAR Expectations

    (Shows Respect, Observe Safety, Accepts Responsibility, Remain Positive)

              -Student comes to class on time.

              -Student brings required materials to class.

              -Student demonstrates appropriate behavior by setting good examples and positively impacting the class.

              -Communicates effectively and respectfully to others.

              -Student presents and conducts themselves in a positive and courteous manner.

              -Student demonstrates leadership by setting good examples and positively impacting class.




                A non-dress means the student elected to not dress and not participate in the activity at all and therefore received a zero for the day. A student that has more than one non-dress per quarter will have their final grade lowered by 5% each occurrence. This does not apply to an excused absence or an injured student.


    * Inappropriate locker room behavior will also lead to the loss of locker room privileges.



    V.        Expectations

    1.      Be Respectful

    2.      Be Active

    3.      Have Fun



    VI.       Units To Be Covered

    • Fitness Testing (Physical Best)
    • Team Building
    • Basketball
    • Softball
    • Soccer
    • Football
    • Floor Hockey
    • Gymnastics/Tumbling
    • Volleyball
    • Badminton
    • Frisbee


    Other Units Covered (Resources Available)

    • Lacrosse
    • Tennis
    • Pickleball
    • Track/Plyometrics
    • Roller-skating
    • Disc Golf
    • Geo-caching