• Elementary Physical Education


    Teacher’s: Mr. Dahl and Mr. Lois

    Email: ryan.dahl@wcspk8.org



    Phone: Mr. Dahl-262-537-3906

                Mr. Lois-262-537-3942        


    I.       Introduction:        Welcome to physical education class. We will be doing several different units throughout the year. The units will vary between team and individual activities. The focus will be on improving skill development for all age groups.


    II.       Expectations:       1. Be Respectful            

                                          2. Be Active

                                          3. Have Fun


    III.      Grading and Assessment:      


    -Daily Grade


    Students have the opportunity to earn 10 pts each day.  The student’s daily grade is broken down into 3 different categories: 

              1. Participates in Physical Education Activities 4pts:  Students will be graded on their effort throughout the entire class period during warm-up run, stretching, and skill activity for the day, and tagging game.

              2. Understands concepts-Strategy and Healthy Living 3pts:  Students will be graded on understanding of rules, game play, how to be successful, and how to keep all aspects of your body healthy.

              3. Skill Development 3pts:  Students will be graded on their ability to understand the skill along with working towards being proficient in that skill using cues they were given during that unit.  Ex. Throwing cues- step with opposite foot, shoulder to target, follow through.




    -Life Skills Grade


    4 – Always (without exception)

    3 – Almost Always (with few exceptions)

    2 – Sometimes

    1 – Rarely


    1. Productivity and Accountability

              -Student completes assigned tasks and meets deadlines.

              -Student demonstrates self-initiative, stays on task, and manages work time wisely.

              -Student listens effectively to others.

              -Student assumes shared responsibility for collaborative work and values the individual contributions made by each team member.

              -Student accurately fills out student planner.

    2. SOAR Expectations

    (Shows Respect, Observe Safety, Accepts Responsibility, Remain Positive)

              -Student comes to class on time.

              -Student brings required materials to class.

              -Student demonstrates appropriate behavior by setting good examples and positively impacting the class.

              -Communicates effectively and respectfully to others.

              -Student presents and conducts themselves in a positive and courteous manner.

              -Student demonstrates leadership by setting good examples and positively impacting class.





    Yearly Units


    Fall:  -Soccer/Kicking skills- Passing, trapping, kicking for distance, stationary/rolling kicking,


              -Softball/Throwing and Catching skills, Striking- Catching with self, catching with a partner, Throwing accuracy, Throwing Distance, Hitting off tees.


              -Cooperation- Working with partners, working in groups towards a common goal, Parachute.



    Winter- Basketball- Dribbling both hands, Shooting, Passing.


    -Volleyball- Bumping to self and partner group, Setting to self and    partner/group, Spiking.  Incorporating all of them together. 


         -Tumbling- Balance, cartwheels, crab walk, Log roll, jumping   skills.


         -Floor Hockey Skills- Passing/Shooting with implements, moving while controlling the puck.


        -Bowling/Rolling Skills- Rolling objects trying to hit targets, rolling objects to partners, math skills adding and subtracting objects knocked down.


        -Jump Ropes- single rope jumps, backwards jumps, speed jumps, partner jumps.


       -Scooter Activities- scooter soccer, scooter hockey, avoiding objects, relay races.


    Spring- Frisbee’s Hula Hoops


              -Loco motor Movement- Running, Skipping, Jumping, Hoping, Galloping, Sliding.


              -Racket Sports- Tennis, Badminton, Working on hand-eye coordination, balance.


             -Kickball/Mat Kickball- Cont. kicking skills, catching and tagging skills.

              -Four square



    All Year- Tagging Games


                       -Capture the Beanie Baby

                       -Pacman Tag

                       -Blob Tag

                       -Stuck in the Mud

                       -Drag the Nerd

                       -Toilet Bowl Tag

                       -High Five Tag

                       -Run Rabbit Run 

                       -Dead Ant

                       -Charlie over the water

                       -Scarecrow Tag

                       -Turkey Tag


                 Stinky Garbage




                       -Floor Hockey

                       -Rolling activites