1) Every Monday and Wednesday, your child will complete a math worksheet which will provide extra practice of the skills taught that day. It's also a nice way of you seeing what your child is learning daily.
    2) TIMED TESTS are usually every Monday and Wednesday. Practice your x math facts 3-4 times/week using your flash cards located in Take Home Folder pouch or logging onto xtramath.com (your child knows how to do this) or by going on-line to my website using one of my math fact practice links. Once the x facts have been mastered, then your child will move onto division facts and should continue to practice. Please look in your child's TAKE HOME folder for their TIMED TESTS so you can see their progress on how he/she is doing.
    1) Read for a minimum of 15-20 minutes.  Be sure to sign the Reading Log inserted inside your child's S.O.A.R. Take Home Folder.
    2) Each semester your child has to read a set number of AR points (Accelerated Reading) that he/she must read.  This goes towards your child's reading grade.
    Practice your weekly spelling words.
    DLR (Daily Language Review) weekly practice papers will come home on Thurdays. Please review the skills~....there will be a quiz each Friday on those covered skills.
    This is not an all-inclusive list of homework for the week.  Because things change so quickly from day to day, it's hard to list assignments ahead of time.  Please check your child's Assignment Notebook as well each night.
    Please make sure that your child's assignment notebook is reviewed and signed every night.  This assignment notebook is also used for communication between school and  home.  I will check it every morning. This helps assure me that you saw your child's homework and that it was completed, along with their behavior for the day.